Anbernic RG505 Revealed, Showcases PS2 Emulation

Anbernic has lifted the lid on the RG505.

It’s a weekday or weekend, so you know what that means? Anbernic has revealed a new retro gaming handheld.

The Anbernic RG505 joins releases this year that include the Win600, RG353P, RG503, and now the RG353V, all of which are capable of playing TMNT Shredder’s Revenge. To say it’s been a busy year for Anerbnic would be an understatement. It’s felt like every few months there’s a new console to check out.

Throw in the Powkiddy X28 and you get an idea of how busy the holiday period is set to be.

Anbernic RG505: What’s New

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At first glance, thanks to the top image from Instagram user CN_PLAY_, it doesn’t look like the RG505 is offering anything all that groundbreaking. That’s on the outside, at least. Where Anbernic consoles tend to differ is always on the insides.

Judging the device from front-on, the design is a mix between the RG351 and the RG552. It’s a portable console, for sure, but the main difference between the RG505 and the RG351 is the much larger screen – something owners have been clambering for – and the extra large R2 and L2 nubbins protruding form the top of the console.

What’s not clear at the moment is whether this console is designed to become an envigorated RG351 successor or a revamped RG552. Given the larger size and what it’s allegedly capable of, we’d put money on it being the latter.

What the RG505 Can Emulate

In the above video, Anbernic shows God of War 2 running on a PS2 emulator. Going from previous Anbernic offerings, that means it probably can’t really handle PS2.

If we assume the RG505 is set to replace the RG552, up to GameCube is most likely a safe bet. All the retro systems from Nintendo and Sega are a given these days, but if the system is able to run some PS2 games, that opens up a world of possibilities, including DS and 3DS.

We’ll be sure to update this article as soon as Anbernic decides to let us know what’s what.

RG505 Speculative Specifications

Image showing the RG552 on the left, and the new RG505 on the right.

It’s a given that the RG505 will most likely reuse Anbernic’s trusted buttons, d-pad, and analogue sticks. The screen will almost certainly be an IPS of some description. But where we’re a little unsure is what’s going to be powering this thing.

The RG552 used the RK3399 chipset. While that was a solid choice, it wasn’t used to the best of its capabilities and resulted in a retro handheld that was overpriced and underpowered.

The latest Anbernic offering came in the form of the RG353p, which utilised the RK3566 chip. That was a better outing than the RG552 but if Anbernic is touting the RG505 as a PS2 emulator console, there’s no way the RK3566 could hit those highs.

RetroDodo mentions the RK3588, which given the power Anbernic is chasing, would be a good choice. The RK3588 is an octa-core processor with four Arm Cortex-A76 cores running at up to 2.4 GHz. That could, in theory, offer up the potential needed to make higher-end emulation sing.

Anbernic RG505 Speculative Price

This is a hard one to call as we don’t know what the product is a revised version of yet.

If we go with the idea the RG505 is a new version of the RG552, then we can expect somewhere in the region of $230 to $250.

But with the Win600 coming in at $349, that thows a spanner in the works. There’s every chance Anbernic could attach a higher price tag. If we’re going on gut, $250 seems like typical Anbernic pricing so that seems more likely. That should only change if the RG505 is using the latest tech, which seems unlikely at this point.

It’s also worth noting the RG505 could very well be going head to head with the Ayn Loki, a powerful device that’s set to launch at $249 for its cheapest version. Anbernic tends to never price in relation to threats as the name brand carries weight with select users. That said, if it’s looking to bring back lapsed customers, a lower price point would be a smart move.

As always, stay tuned to RetroResolve in the coming weeks as we’ll be updating this article as soon as we get word from Anbernic regarding what the RG505 is capable of.

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