Sup Game Box 400 in 1: What Is It and Should You Buy It? (No)

Mid-range handhelds can be great. But what about the super-budget consoles? Let's find out.

The price point for retro handhelds continues to expand the more time moves on. What started as a $10 to $100 market, now spans $10 to nearly $2000 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Normally we’d focus on the good, and take the heavy hitters of this world to task. But what about the bargain basement offerings? Are the super-cheap handhelds really worth considering over the big name brands?

With that in mind, let’s find out if the Super Game Box 400 in 1 is worth checking out, or is this mega-budget handheld to be avoided at all costs?

What Is the Sup Game Box 400 in 1?

Sup Game Box in white and black, with a red controller

The Sup Game Box 400 in 1 is a mass-produced Chinese handheld that looks similar to a Nintendo Game Boy. It is, essentially, a low-cost handheld emulator box.

It also says ‘Sup’ on the case because someone thought that was a good idea.

We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of it below, but it’s worth keeping in mind this isn’t just low-cost, it’s super low-cost, and the tech inside this thing isn’t designed to wow serious gamers looking for a sleek handled like the Ayn Odin or Steam Deck. The Sup Game Box isn’t even comparable with Anbernic products.

This is the cheapest of the cheap designed for people after a random birthday gift or kids looking to spend their pocket money. For retro collectors, there are better options out there, and there’s even a more updated version that improves battery life and ditches the Sup branding, so it’s hard to say who nowadays would even want this console.


There isn’t much in the way of specs to go on. Normally when finding stuff like this, there’s an official site you can pull stuff from. If that isn’t the case, there are product listings.

With the Sup Game Box, tracking down reliable specs wasn’t easy. We’re still not sure what powers this thing, but going from what else is on offer, we’re talking about a chipset with less power than the RK3326.

So in terms of power, don’t expect much out of this system. Up to NES and some SNES feels like a good place to slot this one.

  • Screen: 3-inch
  • Size: 4.5-inches by 3.1-inches by 0.8-inches
  • Connectivity: AV out
  • Battery: 700mAH li-ion
  • Usage time: Around three to four hours


Sup Game Box updated model with a controller and AV out cable

The Sup Game Box retails currently for around $20/£20. The updated version, which boasts a slightly larger battery capacity, retails for less at $10/£10, so definitely pick up the non-branded version if you’ve got the option

Review – Should You Buy It?

In short, no, you shouldn’t pick up the Sup Game Box 400 in 1. If it’s for a cheap birthday gift or for kid who’ll likely break it, sure, maybe there’s a place for it. But for adults and above, there isn’t enough here to warrant the purchase outside of the fact it’s cheap.

The build quality isn’t the best, but it’s not awful either. The buttons work, and while the plastic looks cheap, it’ll do the job, just about.

Where things fall apart is the lack of power this system yields. It can play NES games, but any hopes of playing anything above that – like PS1 – and you’re out of luck. There are also issues with certain games where the emulator speed is too fast.

Playing Super Mario Bros. should be a fairly straightforward affair, but everything is sped up slightly thanks to what I assume is a higher clockspeed. Music is faster, and Mario moves quicker. It’s not the best way to play it, and when you’ve got affordable options like the Anbernic RG351 that can play up to PS1, the choice between the two consoles is clear.

Then there are things like the speakers. If you like your music with a shrill tone at higher volume levels, then this is the console for you. If not, it’s a hard pass.

Yes, being able to hook up the console to the TV and play on the big screen is cool, and the fact it’s packed with a controller is a nice touch. But even the good elements aren’t enough to outweigh the bad.

This is a gimmick gift that struggles to do what it’s supposed to. Younger kids may get some enjoyment out of it, so the Sup Box does have its place as a starter console. But for people serious about their gaming, there are plenty of better alternatives out there.

Alternatives to Consider

On the left, the RG351, Retroid Pocket 2, and RG353P. On the right is the RG351V.

There isn’t much in terms of alternatives at this price point, simply because it’s the cheapest of the cheap in multiple ways.

That said, there are plenty of low-cost retro handhelds worth considering.

If price isn’t an issue, then handhelds like the Steam Deck or Odin Pro are great and can play up to GameCube games. The Steam Deck can actually go even higher than GameCube as well.

If you’re after something in the mid-range – $100 to $200 – the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus or the Anbernic RG353P is worth checking out. Both systems can handle up to N64 and Dreamcast really well, and the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus in particular can have some minor success above that.

If you’re looking for something under the $100/£100 price mark, the best right now is the RG351 series. You’ve got multiple choices here as well. There are some models designed to look like a Game Boy and some more like a Game Boy Micro. You can also pay extra and switch to a metal shell if you fancy it.

Plus the RG351 series can run up to PS1, so you’ve instantly got better coverage out of the box than the Sup Game Box 400 in 1.

Sup Game Box 400 in 1 Game List

1944Eswat Cyber PoliceMetal Slug 3Snow BrosWorld Heroes Perfect
2020 Super BaseballEuro Champ'92Metal Slug 4Snow Bros 2X-Men
3Count BoutFar East of EdenMetal Slug 5Solitary FighterX-Men Vs Street Fighter
64th. StreetFatal FuryMetal Slug XSpinmasterXexex
88 GamesFatal Fury 2Metamorphic ForceSplatter HouseYam!Yam!
Act-FancerFatal Fury 3Midnight ResistanceStakes Winner 2Zed Blade
Aero Fighters 2Fatal Fury SpecialMighty! PangStone Ball (4P)Zero Wing
Aero Fighters 3Final BlowMoney Puzzle ExchangerStreet FighterZhong Guo Long II
After Burner IIFinal FightMonster SliderStreet Fighter 2Zombie Raid
Aggressors Of Dark KombatFlying Power DiscMoonwalker (3P)Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Alien Vs Predator (3P)Football ChampMulti ChampStreet Fighter alpha
AliensForgotton WorldsMusashi GanryukiStreet Fighter alpha 2
Alpha Mission IIFunky JetMuscle Bomber DuoStreet Fighter alpha 3
Altered BeastGaia CrusadersMutant FighterStreet Hoop
Andro DunosGalaxy FightMvstic WarrinrsStrider
Aqua JackGals PanicMystic RidersSunset Riders (4P)
Arabian MagicGals Panic 2NemoSuper Buger Time
Area 88GameltryNeo BombermanSuper Cup Finals
Arkanoid ReturnsGhost PilotsNeo Turf MastersSuper Dodge Ball
Armorde WarriorsGhouls'n ghostsNeo-Geo Cup'98Super Gem Fighter
Art of fighting 2,NewGhouls'n goblinsNight StrikerSuper Mario Bros
Art of fighting 3Giga WingNight WarriorsSuper Puzzle Fighter 2T
Art Of fighting NewGigandesNightmare in the DarkSuper Sidekicks
AsterixGladiatorNinja CombatSuper Sidekicks 2
AstyanaxGoal! Goal ! Goal !Ninja CommandoSuper Sidekicks 3
AthenaGokujyou ParodiusNinja KidsSuper Sidekicks 4
AurailGolden AxeNinja Master'sSuper Slams
Avenging SpiritGot-ChaNinja SpiritSuper Spacefortress Macross II
Back Street SoccerGradiusOrdyneSuper Street Fighter 2
Bad Dudes vs DragonninjaGradius IIOriental Legend/XI YO GI (4P)Super Street Fighter 2 C.E
Bang BeadGradius IIIP-47 ACESSuper Street Fighter 2 Turbo
BatmonGratia-Second EarthPang!Super Street Fighter 2X
Battle ChopperGrowl (4P)Pang! 3Super World Stadinm'92
Battle CircuitGunforcePenguin BrothersSuper World Stadinm'93
Battle Flip ShotGunforce 2PnickieSuperman
Battle SharkGururinPockel FighterTa-o Taido
BattletoadsGuts'nPocket GalTaisen Puzzle-dama
Big StrikerHachoolPop'N PopTaisen Tokkae-dama
Billiard Academy Real BreakHammerin' HarryPoper Instinct 2Taito Power Goal
Biomechanical ToyHat Trick HeroPower InstinctTank Force
Black TigerHat Trick Hero'93Power Spikes ,NewTattoo Assassins
Blade MasterHat Trick Hero'95Power Spikes IITel Jan
Blazing StarHaunted CastlePowered GearTengai
Blood BrosHead PanicPrehistoric IsleTetris
Blood StormHook (4P)Prehistoric Isle 2Tetris Plus 2
Blue's JourneyIn The HuntPretty Soldier Sailor MoonThe Berlin Wall
Bomber Man WorldJ.J.SquawkersPrimellaThe Cliffhanger
Breaker's RevengeJitsuryoku!!ProYakyuuPsycho SoldierThe combatnbes
BreakersJudge Dredd ArcadePuchi CaratThe Final Round
Bubble 2000Jurassic ParkPuckman PockimonThe Irritating Maze
Bubble BobbleKamov's RevengePunk ShotThe King of Dragons (3P)
Bubble Bobble 2Kamov's RevengePuyo PuyoThe last Blade
Bucky O'HareKarate Blazers (4P)Puyo Puyo 2The last Blade II
Burglar XKen-GoPuzzle BobbleThe legend of Silkroad
Burning FightKing of the MongstersPuzzle Bobble (SNK)The Punisher
Burning ForceKing of the Mongsters 2Puzzle Bobble 2The Simpsons
Cadillac & Dinosaurs (3P)Kizuna EncounterPuzzle Bobble 2 (SNK)Thrash Rally
Capcom Sports ClubKnight of Valour (4P)Puzzle Bobble 2XThree Wonders
Captain America (4P)Knight of Valour Plus (4P)Puzzle Bobble 3Thunder Cross
Captain CommandoKnights of The Round (3P)Puzzle Bobble 4Thunder Cross II
Captain TomadayKOF'10thPuzzle BowlingThunder Fox
Carrier Air WingKOF'10th PlusPuzzledThunder Zone (4P)
Caveman NinjaKOF'2001Rage of the DragonsTiger Road
Chase H.Q.KOF'2002Raiga-Strato FighterToki
Children of the AtomKOF'2002 Magic PlusRainbowislandsTokimeki Memorial
China TownKOF'2003RastanTop Hunter
Continental CircusKOF'2004Rastan IITrio The Punch
Crime CityKOF'94Real Bout Fatal 2Tumble Pop
Crime FightersKOF'95Real Bout Fatal FuryTurbo Outrun
Crossed SwordsKOF'96Real Bout Fatal fury specialTurtles
Crude BusterKOF'97Riding HeroTurtles 2
CTHD2003KOF'97 PLUSRiot CityTwin Bee Yahhool
Cyber-LipKOF'97 PLUS IIRobo ArmyTwinkle Star Sprites
Daiku no Gen-SanKOF'99Robocop 2Ultra Toukon Densetsu
Darius Gaiden 2Kokontouzal Eto MonogatariRolling Thunder 2Ultraman club
Dark SealKung-Fu MasterRong RongUndercover Cops
Dark Seal 2Land MakerS1945 PLUSUo Poko
DarksalkersLast ResortSamurai ShodownVampire Savior
Dead ConnectionLegend of Hero TonmaSamurai Shodown 2Vampire Savior 2
Demone WorldLegend of Success JoeSamurai Shodown 3Vendetta
Dino RexLga NinjyutsudenSamurai Shodown 4Vigilante
Don Doko DonLiquid KidsSamurai Shodown 5Violence Fight ,new
Double DragonMad DonnaSaturday Night MastersViolent Storm
Double DragonMad MotorSavage ReignVoltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Double Dragon IIMagic SwordSD GundamVS Block Breaker
Double Dragon IIIMagical Cat AdventureSengokuVS Mahjong Otome Ryouran
Dragon GunMark of the WolvesSengoku 2Waku Waku 7
Dragon MasterMars MatrixSexy ParodiusWarriors of Face (3P)
Dragon MightMartial ChampionShadow ForceWild West C.O.W
Dragon UnitMarvel Super HeroesShadow WarriorsWillow
Dragonball ZMarvel Vs CapcomShinobiWonder Boy
Dragonball Z IIMarvel VS Street FighterShock TroopersWonder Boy 3
Dream Soccer'94MatamoqusterShock Troopers 2World Class Bowing
Dungeons&Dragons: Shadow over mystara(4P)MatrimeleeShockingWorld Cup'90
Dungeons&Dragons: Tower of Doom (4P)Mega ManSide ArmsWorld Grand Prix
Dynamite DuxMega Man 2Silent DragonWorld Grand Prix 2
Dynasty WarsMetal BlackSilkwormWorld Heroes
Earth Defense ForceMetal SlugSlammasters 2World Heroes 2
Eco FightersMetal Slug 2SNK VS CAPCOMWorld Heroes 2 Jet


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