Mile High Taxi on Steam Deck Settings and Performance

Mile High Taxi Performance

Screenshot from Mile High Taxi taken on Steam Deck.

Mile High Taxi isn’t so much Crazy Taxi as it is Relaxing Taxi. On the Steam Deck, the performance is solid. For the most part, Mile High Taxi runs at 45 to 60 frames without needing to do any tinkering. 

I would recommend switching the basic anti-aliasing over to the advanced version if you’re playing hooked up to a tv or monitor as the jagged edges do get out of control. In handheld mode, though, the basic anti-aliasing does an adequate job. 

Nothing seems to completely clear up the number of jagged edges on Steam Deck, so expect quite a bit of shimmering as you play.

One area of concern is how much heat is generated. 74 degrees is what I’d normally expect to see when playing a AAA title, and I’m not sure what’s causing the Deck to get so hot. Especially given the GPU isn’t getting throttled. Strange!

Mile High Taxi Settings

Screenshot from Mile High Taxi taken on Steam Deck.

Mile High Taxi will run at 45 to 60 frames per second without the need to change a thing. I do, however, recommend switching up a couple of the settings to get slightly better visuals. 

First off, turn off motion blur. No one likes motion blur and the Steam Deck is more than capable of running Mile High Taxi. It’s not needed. Ever. 

As I mentioned above, you also want to change basic the anti-aliasing to advanced anti-aliasing when playing in docked mode. Nothing will remove all the jagged edges because there are simply too many to tame. But the enhanced version will help to smooth out a few extra when docked. 

Mile High Taxi (In-game Settings)
Camera Rotation On
Motion Blur Off
Post Processing On
Basic Anti-Aliasing On
Steam Deck Settings (Quick Access Menu)
TDP: 10 (45 to 60) Estimated Battery Life: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Docked Mode Resolution: 1280×700 FSR: ON (Docked Mode)
GPU Usage: 83% Temperature: 74 degrees
Extra Info
Fills the Entire Steam Deck Screen Yes
Valve Grading Verified
Performance Rating: 3/5

Bugs and Issues

Mile High Taxi suffers from a lot of jagged edges and plenty of pop-in on the Steam Deck. Just like its anti-aliasing, it’s a little rough around the edges, but the game plays as it should and the issues aren’t a deal-breaker. 

During the pre-release period, I did suffer a problem where the tutorial wouldn’t let me drive forwards, but that appears to have since been fixed. 


Like Crazy Taxi? Chances are, you’re going to like Mile High Taxi.

The first time you play Mile High Taxi you’ll hate it. The world feels impossible to read and the controls aren’t intuitive. But somewhere down the road the game clicks – driving becomes second nature and suddenly the mini-map makes sense.

On Steam Deck the game runs well. If you’re after something for short 15-minute blasts, and you love Crazy Taxi, Mile High Taxi is worth checking out so long as you’re aware of the game’s shortcomings. 

All images captured on Steam Deck. | Review code provided by PR.

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