How Much Is a PS3 Worth? – March 2023

Cheap so long as you don't want it sealed.

The PS3 is one of the all-time best consoles out there and now it’s officially classed as a retro system, more and more people are tuning in to see what it’s all about.

Whether it’s Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War Ascension, The Last of Us, or Ratchet and Clank, there’s a whole universe of games to explore on the PlayStation 3.

But finding the value of a PS3 isn’t straightforward. You’ve got different models, some capable of playing PS2 games, some not, different hard drive sizes, and whether you’ve got the box or not plays a factor.

That’s why we’re here to answer how much is a PS3 worth.

How Much Is a PS3 Worth?

Image showing Little Big Planet 2, then Metal Gear Solid 4, then The Last of Us.

PS3 prices range from $35 to $700. In the UK, prices range from £35 to £1570.

The reasons for the wide pricing disparity are many. For a start, there are multiple different retail models available. First came the original PS3 console, nicknamed “fat” due to its robust size. After that came the slim model, then towards the end of its lifecycle the super slim was born.

That’s three different models, all of which offer different form factors. If you’re looking to play older PlayStation games, the slim and super slim models won’t be able to do that.

The Slim model is, as the name suggests, slimmer. It’s 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and it consumes up to 46 percent less power than the original PS3. It’s also quieter and cooler.

The super slim version, meanwhile, is even smaller at 4.6 pounds, making it 25 percent smaller and around 20 percent lighter than the slim model.

In easier-to-remember terms, just think fat and plays retro, slim and doesn’t play retro, even slimmer and still doesn’t.

There’s next price disparity is all down to whether it’s boxed. Boxes always raise their value. Whether it’s toys, video games, or consoles, always keep the box. You’ll thank us later.

One quick money-saving tip, if you’re buying from eBay, you can often purchase a boxless console from one seller then purchase an empty box from another and it still works out cheaper than buying a boxed version. Handy, right?

Condition also plays a part in how much PS3s cost. Brand-new and factory sealed are always going to be the most sought-after, so expect to pay a premium on those. Second-hand is where you’ll find the cheapest, but you also run the risk of faults due to the console’s age.

Ideally, renewed is the smartest option to go with. It will cost more than second-hand but if it means someone has tested it, cleared out all the dust, and fixed any issues, it’s a much better option than purchasing something that could very well die within a few months. No one wants that.

It’s also worth keeping in mind hard-drive sizes. If you’re playing from a disc, it’s less of an issue, but you will need a storage solution to download any games, downloadable content, and updates. If you plan on building a large collection, more hard-drive space is highly recommended.

Lastly, the original 20GB PS3 console doesn’t feature any kind of wi-fi connectivity, so you can expect them to come much cheaper than any other version released.

How Much Is a PS3 Worth in the US?

From left to right, image showing Sonic The Hedgehog 06, GTA 4, and Uncharted 2.

In the US, PS3 consoles range from $51 to $700 depending on whether you’re after a pre-owned or factory-sealed console.

Original Fat PS3 Model – US

  • Original PS3 Model – Unboxed: $51
  • Original PS3 Model – Boxed: $150
  • Original PS3 Model – Mint: $700

PS3 Slim – US

  • PS3 Slim – Unboxed: $35
  • PS3 Slim – Boxed: $73
  • PS3 Slim – Mint: $620

PS3 Super Slim – US

  • PS3 Super Slim – Unboxed: $53
  • PS3 Super Slim – Boxed: $58
  • PS3 Super Slim – Mint: $660

How Much Is a PS3 Worth in the UK?

In the UK, PS3 console prices start at £33, but go all the way up to £1570 if you’re after a sealed console.

Original Fat PS3 Model – UK

  • Original PS3 Model – Unboxed: £40
  • Original PS3 Model – Boxed: £59
  • Original PS3 Model – Mint: £1570

PS3 Slim – UK

  • PS3 Slim – Unboxed: £33
  • PS3 Slim – Boxed: £55
  • PS3 Slim – Mint: £225

PS3 Super Slim Model – UK

  • PS3 Super Slim – Unboxed: £43
  • PS3 Super Slim – Boxed: £72
  • PS3 Super Slim – Mint: £500

PS3 Hard-Drives Versions Explained

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As is the case with most consoles, there are a few different hard drive options when it comes to PS3 consoles. Fun, I know.

Thankfully, it’s all fairly straightforward, and WePC has a great guide breaking down which model number applies to which console.

For the original, fat PS3, the options are 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 160GB. Do keep in mind, the 20GB doesn’t come with wi-fi, meaning you’ll need to plug an ethernet cable in to go online.

Next up is the PS3 slim, which comes with 120GB, 160GB, 250GB, and 320GB storage solutions.

Finally, the PS3 super slim. For that console, you’ve got 12GB, 250GB, and 500GB options to choose from. The 12GB version was a UK exclusive and replaced the 250GB on this side of the pond. You can, however, upgrade the 12GB PS3 hard drive to something larger, thankfully.

How We Worked This Out

The easiest way to check the current prices is to head over to eBay and filter searches by items sold. This gave us an idea of not just the prices of the individual consoles, but also what availability is like. Sealed consoles are much harder to come by compared with renewed, pre-owned, and unboxed.

After that, we checked various popular video game retailers, including GameStop, CEX, and GAME to cross-reference how second-hand prices stacked up against retail offerings. As expected, retail tends to come in more expensive.

It is worth keeping in mind retail comes with a warranty, which is important when buying any used items. If it breaks within an allotted timespan, they’ll replace or repair it. While some eBay users offer a similar level of protection, eBay is still considered the wild west by most, so definitely factor that in when making any purchase.

Why Buy a PS3?

While Xbox has managed to get retro Microsoft games running on its latest console the Series S|X, and some feature upscaled resolution and a frames-per-second boost, Sony is struggling to get its PS3 catalog onto the PlayStation 5.

That’s in part due to how complex of a machine the PS3 is to emulate. Over on PC, you need either a proper gaming PC or something powerful like the Steam Deck to even be in with a chance of playing PS3 games. And even then 100 percent compatibility isn’t guaranteed.

That’s why many are taking to picking up a PS3 console and why so many people want to know what a PS3 is worth today. Buying the original hardware to play the games on a TV is currently the most cost-effective and by far easiest way to play the classics.

Prices updated as of March 2023.

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