9 Best Steam Deck Accessories (All Actually Tested)

With more and more Steam Decks now out there, I thought it’d be a good time to revisit which products I think are worthy of both your time and money. These are, after all, all items I use often. 

I’ll tell you now, this isn’t a guessing game or based on what other people think. All the products listed below are things I’ve purchased myself or been sent to review, meaning I’ve got the hands-on experience to recommend them fully.

9. Best High-End Tech: Nreal Air Glasses

Photo of my black Nreal Air glasses from behind. In the background, a Steam Deck with Powerwash Simulator on the screen can be seen.

There’s no getting around the fact the Nreal Air is a frankly ridiculous purchase. It’s pricey, and the likelihood of using them when you’re outside with the Steam Deck is super low.

That said, when I reviewed the Nreal Air I was surprised by how well they work. Taking the Steam Deck’s screen and transferring it onto what is a larger screen (due to how close it is to your eyes) isn’t an easy task, but Nreal made it seem easy. And best of all, the quality seen of the Steam Deck isn’t neutered or made worse in any way. Everything looks as crisp as it does on the main screen.

Sure, the Nreal Air is a very niche product for Deck owners, but if you care about high-end tech that’s designed to impress, there are worse things to spend your money on.

Price: $379 or £400. | Availability: Out Now (Worldwide).

8. Best Budget Deal: Trust Lyra Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Above-photo of the Trust keybaord and mouse in black.

Chances are, most Deck owners will have a mouse and keyboard ready to go. What I found was all of my keyboards were simply too larger to fit on my lap while I’m gaming on the Deck or the cables were too short.

The solution? The inexpensive Trust Lyra wireless keyboard and mouse Combo.

I used this set when I was turning my Steam Deck (and ROG Ally) into a working desktop PC and I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do. In fact, I’m literally typing up this guide on it!

Width-wise, it’s thinner than the Steam Deck but the keys are still large enough that you don’t end up hitting two at once. Plus it and the mouse are both wireless. Just plug the included dongle into a dock, turn them both on, and they automatically sync up.

Simple to set up and great at what they do. What more could you ask for?

Note: If you’re in the US, the JLab Go wireless keyboard has a very similar setup and is only $19.99. It’s well worth checking out if you can’t find the Lyra near you.

Price: $29.99 | Availability: Out Now (UK)

7. Best External Speakers: Edifier QD35

Photo of the Edifier QD35. A purple light runs across the base of the front, below the main circular speaker.

The biggest shock for me this year was despite having reviewed much more powerful offerings, the Edifier QD35 remains my go-to speakers.

The audio quality remains crystal clear and is concise enough to pick out minor details. The bass is also super balanced to avoid distortion. You can feel it, but it’ll never overwhelm.

The different sound profiles are, generally, rubbish, but an equalizer app can solve that problem in a flash.

Plus as they’re Bluetooth speakers, that means you can pair it to the Steam Deck in a matter of seconds.

What’s more, QD35 is also super portable. As it’s two speakers in one, that means it can be picked up easily and dumped down wherever you want without the need for the heavy lifting you often find in more expensive speakers.

And it’s got RGB lighting, which is the most gamery thing ever.

Price: $189.99 or £189.99. | Availability: Out Now (Worldwide).

6. Best Shell: JSAUX Transparent Backplate

Photo of the back of a Steam Deck with a transparent shell on. Through the shell, you can see the various inside components of the Steam Deck.

As someone who’s terrified of performing surgery on their devices, I was quite happy to learn installing the JSAUX transparent Steam Deck backplate was simple.

That’s in part due to how the Steam Deck’s built. It’s designed to be taken apart and tinkered with. The front of the shell is another thing entirely, but if you’re worried about breaking something while installing a backplate, don’t be. It’s just a case of unscrewing and rescrewing for the most part. If I can do it without anything blowing up or melting, you’ll be able to.

The backplate pictured above is the clear white version, but JSAUX has multiple options available: blue, red, green, purple, and clear, so feel free to customize everything to your liking.

Price: $29.99. | Availability: Out Now (Worldwide).

5. Best Headset: Edifier G5BT

Photo of my Edifier G5BT gaming headset. A blue ring of light can be seen from the closest ear cup.

With the Edifier G5BT, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Edifier currently has one of the best sound profiles in the business and the G5BT shows this. A simple tap of the right ear button switches from gaming to music mode and they’re both excellent.

These modes are completely different listening experiences. Music mode doesn’t miss a beat, while gaming mode can hear every pin drop from meters away.

Having these two options puts the G5BT in a league of its own. It’s a set of high-end headphones and a killer gaming headset in one. It’s the perfect set of cans for music lovers who are also gamers.

The mic quality won’t blow you away in the same way a HyperX or SteelSeries headset will, but that’s a small price to pay for listening excellence.

4. Best Controller: Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

Bird's eye photo of the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro. A greenish light can be seen emanating from the controller's sides.

If we’re talking the best controller out there, the Xbox Series X or Dualsense aren’t going to cut it. The best of the best is going to require high-end tech.

Enter the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro. This controller boasts programmable buttons, interchangeable thumb caps, and Razer’s patented Chroma lighting. When I tested the controller for myself, I was impressed by the battery life. With the Chroma lighting on, I averaged around 10 hours. But turn the lighting off and you can get up to a massive 28 hours.

If you’re like me and hate constantly needing to charge a controller, 28 hours is perfect. That’s pretty much a week worth’s of gaming before you need to charge. For most, anyway. I’m sure there’s one person who’ll prove me wrong.

The only downside, aside from the high cost, is that you need to have the dongle attached to the Steam Deck for it to register. As most will only be using a controller in docked mode, that isn’t a major issue. it’s still something to be aware of, though.

Would I recommend the Wolverine V2 Pro over a standard Xbox or PlayStation controller? Not really. Most players will be happy playing with the cheaper Xbox or PlayStation gamepads. It’s only if you want a more premium experience, or you play competitive games, that the Wolverine V2 Pro should come into the equation.

Price: $249.99 or £249.99. | Availability: Out Now (Worldwide).

3. Best Portable Monitor: Uperfect UGame J4

Photo of my Uperfect UGame J4 portable monitor on an oak colored table.

Portable monitors aren’t exactly common at the moment. Most people don’t even know they’re a thing!

The thing is, I’m someone low on space constantly. It’s the age-old problem: Too much tech, not enough space. First-world problems, right?

That’s why I went with the Uperfect UGame J4. This thing is essentially a giant tablet minus the touchscreen, complete with a tablet-style case stand.

The version I got comes with a 17-inch screen that’s full HD and runs at 144Hertz. While the extra resolution isn’t something I’ll be using often on the Steam Deck, when I want to do work on the Deck, that extra clarity helps.

Plus being able to fold this beast away at a moment’s notice and hide it in a drawer is a huge space-saver.

Just keep in mind the speakers aren’t all that. They’re not awful, but they are quite tinny. That’s why I pair mine with the QD35 speakers mentioned above to alleviate that problem.

Price: $259.99. | Availability: Out Now (Worldwide via the Uperfect online store).

2. Best Steam Deck Dock: JSAUX Omnicase 2

Photo of my Omnicase 2 with the Steam Deck in background inside of the gray JSAUX dock.

Buying a Steam Deck dock is no longer a guessing game. Just get the JSAUAX Omnicase 2 and you’ll be happy.

This pocket-sized powerhouse has everything you could need. It’s got its own stand, multiple USB ports, an HMDI and display port, and the lid comes off to reveal a host of accessories like USB converters, SIM tools, SD card holders, and more.

It’s the Swiss army knife of docks, and it doesn’t cost a bomb.

Price: $39.99 to $119.99. | Availability: Ships worldwide via Kickstarter.

1. Best Case: Dbrand Killswitch

Photo of the Dbrand Killswitch case in black around the Steam deck,

Writing a best Steam Deck accessories guide then not mentioning the excessively good Dbrand Killswitch would be silly.

No one does premium like Dbrand. From the moment you get the box you know you’re in for something special.

What sets the Killswitch apart from other cases is how much thought has gone into making everything the best it can be. The grips are a texture not too dissimilar to the thumb caps found on a PlayStation controller, so they’re nice and firm, the kickstand can be easily removed when no longer needed, and the shape of the Killswitch is designed to fit snug but without being too tight.

It’s also lightweight enough that it doesn’t add much extra weight to an already hefty handheld. It is, essentially, case-based perfection.

Price: $59.95. | Availability: Out Now (Worldwide).

All photos feature real products I’ve tested. | Some review units were sent via a PR representative. This has no bearing on how the items are reviewed.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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